Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Dealing with the worst things in life

The sin of nastiness is surely so widespread that if all was revealed in one hour in one room, most people in the room would be in jail afterwards . See Chestertons quote on the most common sin we all commit  .
We therefore won't solve the problem of discrimination ridicule and low equity treatment by prosecuting it in others or by legislating  so tha we all say the same thing - saying things we don't mean that we disagree with some lifestyle choices  ( Like polygamy , surrogacy,  Gay marriage or placing Trans sexaul options in front of pubescents , preaching at people ) .

Natsiness doesn't even need a reason , even though many will use one for cover - the shape of your face , the closeness of your eyes, the color of your skin . the bigness of your nose or ears.  The sin of nastiness not only starts inside, its cultivated there -It doesn't go away by stopping the mouth. Desperate man that I am,  it is in me. The advocates for equality and correctness in speech want us to believe the bureau can help us cast out demons – I don’t think so!  We must not give licence to treatments that don't work - to the drug addicts in government .  What doesn't work doesn't woory the bureau - they just get more money to go exploring 

That very practical but realistic radical Jesus points to the total impossibility of dealing with sin in that way when he spoke of adultery and how often it is committed. Children can find comfort in the recognition that the perosn producing the bile has a problem - they can ignore and walk away from the bully who dares or tries to unload on you.
Anyone who even looks too long can be guilty of sin.  Anyone who looks too long at the odd one in a room can be guilty of cruel maiming . The heart ( inside stuff) is deceitful above all things and stopping another’s mouth does not work ......and is not right . Does that mean we have no way of effectively dissipating this evil?
Anger is given territory and boundaries in the Bible, even if it’s falsely  called a sin by many social progressives of our day.
Jesus should be followed because his way through anger rejection and abuse actually works.  His way is not quick fix or in denial about the right way to relate to adrenalin.  Many social progressive’s are in denial about the good and bad side of the tools we have been given to live well and move on.

Jesus and our social conservative heroes from the Bible did Ok thank you very much .
Walk up and down your own street and consider this assertion about our own countrymen. 
There is more destruction in households when its members do not express what is inside them than when they do .B4 the sun goes down;

You have a gooday now ! .

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