Monday, October 01, 2007

Why is God so often silent

It's a question we all ask . And many times we get an answer that, to us, is inadequate.
Sometimes when questioned, Jesus refused to answer ; The question from Herod was " out of order". By contrast, though, to a genuine question about " the truth "on the same day , Jesus was very clear. God responds, it seems , but not always as we would like it. Yes ! , ( Wait! ) leave it with me, and No ! ( you have asked before and/or I have told you before)

Pilate did not like the answer, but for 2 thousand years after his demise, there is plenty of evidence in freedom and function that His leadership really works .

Clearly and consistently , if we are to follow Him , we cannot be God and its wrong to expect and act like that we are entitled to know everything .
None of us like it, but according to what we do know about the God of the angel armies ( Isaiah 40. Job 38) , our knowledge is intended to remain limited and our faith indeed, is intended to grow instead .


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