Friday, July 18, 2008

No media or wannabe winning performance-

But no more powerful or memorable day in history !!
The stations of the cross moved many of us, as it was preseneted on SBS on Friday . Why?
Jesus's words confused his disciples and his actions did little to stop the avalanche of effective anger by the powerful ---against him .
Have we ever seen such a person in our own lives; one whose words were more powerful than anything he did - someone who clearly threatened the powerful and turns them into pussycats ( incl Pilate ).
Like all accounts of some great event, each Gospel tells us something new that happened that day . Take the story of Simon the black man ? or the daughters of jerusalem . If you don't think these events are anything but an interseting piece of history read the Last chapters of matthew mark luke and john - do your own rational test!!!!!Something beyond raw power can and does .........change the world .


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