Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Antidote to hate speech

Like a lot of good medicine it's already in your cupboard . You just have to make sure the label is still correct for the purpose , its not gone off. and you don't listen to the TV or someone other than the source . If you do the latter,  chances are you will pay too much and miss the real remedy.
Hate is a serious matter
Jesus said that "anyone who hates his brother is a murderer " . Infact, while you may think you obey all the commandments ( I never kill anyone 5th) you're wrong . Last time you "thought hate "you had a problem .Verbal assault is in Western Culture as bad as physical assault - same story. Lucky we can't read minds or we would all be in jail !!!!

 Jesus doesn't make it any easier either  . He says IF  you call someone a fool you are in danger of hell fire. Name calling - ever don e any of that ? No I don't wanna know . This paragraph  is too long already for all the things I said I shouldn't have -.. this week. Jesus is not about telling tales but moving on on this .
So what do we do about it ?  Context - help in history . Jesus could be talking about  same old stuff in the 10 commandments too. Negative has positive spin you know ( copyright EA) . The eighth is  destroying a person by writing off their reputation.

Sin is serious and we should hate it and prosecute it . The sinner on the other hand,  is precious, redeemed and redeemable .Protecting every persons reputation is all of our jobs ,. And, by the way,  we are all sinners, so its everyone's interest to be careful.  Death by stoning can happen before justice gets a word in edgeways. Maybe the Eight commandment needs more attention that the fifth (killing) ? The issue of protecting person hood ( Slander Libel and so on )  is so precious that its got a whole commandment attached to it ( 8th ). If you slander someone publicly you should correct it publicly because someone's whole life may be at stake if you don't . Sin is that serious .

What if there  is injustice and  you are angry about that ? Ah read the posts here at Do good . And remember this . Its sometimes OK to be angry . "Be angry but don't sin" ; "Don't the sun  go down on your anger"  . Some good types of anger get going slowly;  God gets angry at sin. Be a straight shooter and don't shoot yourself in the foot -follow His lead  . Hate the sin and love the sinner - there is the antidote .
Does it work ? Of course it does-- lots of people around you use it everyday.  Bless you !
And if you find you don't like yourself ? Practice  doing good  anyway ,.God helps those who admit they have a problem and you have made the first step !!!!!! we wish you well !
The answer then is to face the hate and anger inside you. Its not likely to be the problem of those outside you as much as it is but your problem . No matter how big your rant and how much power you have,  you can't solve the problem till you know what it is - till you face the truth --recognise that its your problem .

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