Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fear Not

We hear those words and that great idea at Christmas time - if we are really listening- and not worrying. Those angels said it to the shepherds .....why worry .

"Its easy for shepherds " we might say -- we've got things to prepare, places to go, relatives to meet wow ( now that is a worry!)
Those shepherds had nothing better to do ??........More, they got some music too-Who wouldn't enjoy a song out there -
It seems they knew how to have fun ... waiting and sharing, becoming some of the few who heard and followed at the time.

Take time to remember -find something better to do in a quieter place ; sit under the stars and wait
If God is really in charge - as long as you listen to Him - you haven't got a worry in the world .
If you don't think God is really in charge - you have got a lot to worry about!


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