Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Truth and Beauty

Many of us would say on this most strange , but delightful of intersections
"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ".
If that be so, then it is quite reasonable to conclude that we are made in the image of our Creator .( What do we do then with "terror" , you might well ask - I suggest that like good rationslists we leave it aside for a moment . We might find out more if we pursue one line now and WAIT till we get back to that subject too - waiting a beautifaul act in itself? )

Surely none of us can really fully describe Beauty !
A great series of images of these deeply hidden companions are in Isaiah 28:1 .;33:17 ;44:13 and 53:2 ..
I always think beauty is something mostly hidden . Pilate thought truth too was hidden, so what hope have we got ?
There are TIMES though, when our senses together say "its there" .
Sure our senses are unreliable, but God forbid we think our only refuge is in our own wisdom and words .
Moderns have great trouble admitting they have seen it or felt it or smelt it because its all supposed to be just maths: one plus one equals two and so on.
No this sort of conclusion is not right ; The sum is indeed greater than the sum of the parts.
The created order speaks strongly of beauty and we should share our appreciation of it - even if we don't understand it.
We don't all worship in ration churches do we ? Ones where the chorus is - "Oh though predictableness , oh though ordinariness, and our song shall ever be' We don't know we aren't sure "
It was that beautiful man of later history who said "I am the way, the truth and the life ".
others said about him and history ? how beautiful are the feet .........
and even later ....beyond our limits and failings ....there is ...Grace and Truth together (in one package ) John 1:17 .


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