Saturday, August 25, 2007

Lost Souls and Blind guides

"Woe unto you, blind guides which strain at a gnat and swallow a camel"
One jon feine on ABC radio noted warmly on the number of lost souls in his conversation pieces last week. There was a bit of passion there and that alone was interesting; whether absent or present , pointed or plain hot air . If these interesting people were any guide , one of the key problems with religion is the churches themselves .ultimately though the broad nature of the church is a secondary problem easily latched onto by those whowant to knock any good cause . Throwing the passion out with the bathwater though on the dangers of passion , ought only to be the preserve only of those with a predjudice to quick fix .

First off , Its very clear that Jesus would agree with the lost sheep rounded up on that day .jesus said the above words to the church leaders of his day .

Hard to imagine jon feine as a shepherd but he did a good job of rounding up lost arguments too. If jesus words are not to be just taken lightly ( we agree with this but not with that ) the whole edifice which spong is trying to build falls over . Jesus words were even at the time off putting to the audience according to John (Chap12)
Those who follow him, despite their questions , like the psalm 23 says, find this mans words to be wonderfully and amazingly true ;
" I am the good shepherd ...."
Spong , (774 thurs )the man at that meeting who would grow his church his own way, has a real problem on his hands. The real leader of the invisible church ( they may belong to an institution , they may not) didn't give any of us any option about what He was on about .
There is no easy option to water down His words on either subject - let alone the subject of blindness and the narrow way .

"can a devil open the eyes of the blind" was the conversation piece
jesus said in response to losing the crowd
"walk in the light , lest darkness overtake you "


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