Sunday, September 24, 2006

Jesus view of exercising personal political Power

Christians are currently being encouraged by outsiders to " stay out of politics". There is a concern that Christians somehow will use that strange power of preaching and belief to encourage their followers to do things so called more "rational" people don't often do. After all, Jesus and his followers have not always played passive roles in war . How would Jesus have tackled this concern?
We don't know exactly , but once, when his disciples did get a taste of political power , he told them to forget it and take the mind of a servant. (Luke 9 ) And strangely, whenever that " reverse what you feel is important" attitude on leadership has been part of our culture over the last 2 thousand years, those who give away their power have often proved themselves more powerful than those who take power and influence unto themselves.

For Jesus , fear of the powerful was always a false fear ( consider what he said to the political leaders of his day) ; For his followers too , always a problem of misplaced belief -thinking too small ; worrying too much about the wrong things, and the wrong people.

How much power do you think we men have anyway ?( a lot less than we think!)


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